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The clinical staff here at Core Physical Therapy consists of only licensed physical therapists. Your programs can be modified by our therapists and we can advance your treatment without waiting for approval from a supervisory or offsite clinicians.

We came to life in 2005, with a mission of providing better physical therapy to those within the greater Salem, NH region.

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Our philosophy

We build our practice around the philosophy that you should have one single therapist from start to finish. While it seems obvious, many facilities forget this important step, but here at Core Physical Therapy, you'll have the your care provided by one of our expert therapists throughout your entire treatment.

How we are different

You'll achieve optimal outcome when you choose us for your care. By working one-on-one with a therapist here from your initial evaluation appointment, and then throughout all of your sessions, we'll be able to monitor your progress perfectly, and implement changes when needed.

Our approach

"I love the approach used by this clinic. I've never had better care!"

- Amy Lynn

"I was in a car accident and received injuries to my neck and shoulder. I felt like there was no relief in sight. My Doctor highly recommended Core Physical Therapy and sent me to them. After an extensive evaluation, John, the chief therapist started me on Heat Traction Mobilization exercises and Electric Stimulation with Ice. This was the only relief I had for a while. Their professionalism and concern for their patients is outstanding. John tested me after a few weeks and felt I should be seen by an orthopedic specialist, so he contacted my primary care doctor on my behalf and I saw one. This doctor found a separated shoulder and treated me with several Cortisone shots. Had John not investigated it further it may have been quite some time before the shoulder separation was found. Another patient in his office and I were discussing how professional they were and she disclosed to me that she was going to a different PT that was more concerned with time limits and herding patients through than they were the patients progress and relief. Core has always been for the patient first. I recommend them to everyone who needs that type of treatment."

- Tom H.

"I highly recommend CORE Physical Therapy. I had such a GREAT first experience 2 ½ years ago that I recently came back to CORE again. I had a different therapist for each experience. I am extremely happy with the care I have received and the time spent with me at each of my appointments. I have the same therapist every time I go, and the care is consistent. Progress is much faster when you have a therapist that cares and is concerned about helping you feel better and get stronger as quickly as possible. They work around your limitations and timing issues and are very accommodating. There is always a trained physical therapist working with you, not some assistant. I’ve been to several physical therapists at several different companies and found that the professionalism, friendliness, genuine concern and care I received at CORE far supersedes what I’ve experienced at any of the other places. I highly recommend CORE and any of the therapists to anyone needing their services. John, Tammy and Lindsay each come highly recommended to anyone needing a physical therapist."

-Trish D.